Pearl School Al Dafna campus organized a one day field trip to Baladna Park on 16th February 2023. There were one hundred and nineteen grade I students and nine teachers in this trip. Our students were given numerous opportunities to participate in different activities to enhance their learning experience.

The farm displayed a documentary about the place and the production of different types of dairy products.

The children could witness the cows being milked on the large rotating parlour by learning about the farm and its history.

There were lot of fun activities such as boating, trampoline, pony riding, car racing and a small mining experience for children to explore. Within the park there was an area dedicated to outdoor enclosures where animals and birds were kept. The students enjoyed the opportunity to feed camels, emus, white ostriches, zebras, rabbits, and birds.

The visit to the Baladna Park was not only fun but also a great practical life learning experience for the children.