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Podar Pearl School is a premium educational institution established in Qatar by like-minded and committed educationists. The partners of the school are educationists from India who are passionate about creating a world class educational infrastructure that helps to lay a solid foundation for our young minds of the future. Our intention is to equip students with the knowledge, capabilities and competencies that will make them responsible value adding citizens and enhance their future quality of life.

Podar Pearl School has tools and technologies that are designed to nurture and develop a child’s intellectual capabilities and talents. Our differentiator is that we care for the overall development of each child. While academic achievement is important, developing their personality, confidence and potential is equally important for us.

We all enjoy the curiosity, the constant queries, implicit trust, innocent behavior and the bubbling enthusiasm in the tiny tots around us. Actively engaging them, helping them to explore, respond, invent and work things out for themselves will truly put them on the path of holistic development. At Podar Pearl School, the freedom given to each child will enable them to discover his / her area of interest and thus help to nurture their talents. An array of meaningful and joyful activities in a warm nurturing environment will surely lead to self-discovery and social competence.

Our innovative and imaginative pedagogical techniques will help young children learn at ease. Podar Pearl School provides students with ample opportunities through co-curricular engagements that enables social and emotional Learning(SEL).

CBSE Curriculam School


Inspiring and modelling our next generation to become true global citizens is definitely the need of the hour. We are committed to providing the best possible tools and technologies to support the academic curriculum.


Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning



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