Grandparents Day is the time for celebration to honor the important role they have in our children’s lives and to remind them of what grandparents’ means to us.

The teachers encouraged the kids to contact their grandparents and let them know about such exciting event. It was an excellent learning experience for children to visit, phone, Skype, draw a picture or record a video to send to Grandpa/Grandma. For grandparents who are far away, it helps them feel closer too. Thanking grandparents for their gifts and time is just good manners. But Grandparents Day was a good time to sit down with kids and discuss how important and loved their grandparents are. Reflecting for a few moments on shared experiences and fun was all the inspiration the kids need to let their grandparents know how they feel.

Grandparents were invited to visit the class virtually on this day. Children expressed their love and respect for their Grandparents by making a card and by wishing them. This was to make them feel special and loved.