Katara 11th Traditional Dhow Festival Visit

The Qatar National Vision 2030 states that globalization can be compatible with Qatar’s culture and traditions, elements firmly ingrained in Qatar’s national identity. Qatar is committed to fostering national identity to ensure national cohesiveness while retaining its role in the global network. The promotion of national identity amidst cultural globalization is a state goal.  

Our Pearl School is committed in ensuring that our school students actively took part in the Qatar Traditional Dhow Festival in its eleventh edition 2021 located at Katara.


On 9th December 2021, the students of Pearl School were taken for a field trip
by a set of teachers. 



Grade I to VI were the students to join this trip. For a long time, due to the pandemic, the students were not able to go on field trips or have a fun time outside with their friends. The Dhow festival gave the students a chance to relax and enjoy and have a fun time with their friends and teachers. The students learned lots of things from the trip, about Qatar’s tradition and culture, and about the Dhow which was very important for the economy of Qatar. Many students said that they really enjoyed the trip. They went on a traditional Dhow (boat). The students saw a documentary on Dhows, from the olden days and the present day. The students saw some of the olden-day tools and handicrafts of Qatar. They saw preserved fishes and seashells. Overall, an idea of how Qatar was back in the Day. They also explored many parts of Katara. The pigeon towers and many buildings that represent Qatar’s culture and history. It reminded them of how much Qatar has grown in the past decades. And also, about the importance, Qatar gives to its history, culture, and traditions.



Katara culture village is one of the most important parts of Qatar’s Identity, which the students were able to experience wholeheartedly through this unforgettable trip.