Field trips are an opportunity to enter other worlds and the trip to the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum by Class VI students of Pearl School, Al Dafna Campus have been a worm hole to an entirely different world. The students of class 6 had the opportunity to visit the famous Museum of Qatar on Thursday, 9th February, 2023, during the school hours. This was an enriching and exciting educative experience for the students.

The trip saw an enthusiastic and energetic set of students who enjoyed the bus ride to the Museum. Upon reaching the museum, there was a photo opportunity in front of the leaning Minaret. Post which, the students were divided into 2 groups. Each group had a guide. One part of the tour was the elaborate collection of cars of the Sheikh from the late nineteenth century till date. Students were thrilled to see and understand the change in technology of a car from the use of wooden wheels and steam engines to the technology that is in use today. Different models of cars, some rare and others recent, like the monster truck left the students awestruck! They had several questions for the guide!

The other part of the tour involved in doing a game and exploring different aspects of the Qatar culture from the early 1900s. Students were treated to glimpses of old Doha port, Bedouins, wells, pearl diving, dhows, articrafts and handicrafts in a typical Qatari home many of which are the Sheikh’s personal collection. There were enough items on display in the Museum to satiate a football lover’s craze with the collection of tickets, jerseys etc.; dinosaur fossils, desert rose and students were also treated to glimpses of a Syrian house, the tear drop collector, names of tribes and how camels were marked to differentiate them.

Before they left the museum halls, they were treated to a calligraphy session where certificates were presented to the students with their names written in Arabic calligraphy. The students were excited to get such a momento! The learning that they had in the span of a few hours reiterated their knowledge, refreshed their

thoughts and revitalized them with new ideas! The icing on the cake was the trip to the stables where they could see the thorough bred horses in the stables and running free in the ground. The return trip saw an inspired and enthusiastic set of students who sang songs, played games.

At the end of the day, the students had an incredible experience of visiting the Museum which actually was a portal into a world of myriad opportunities!