“Field trips provide authentic, hands-on experiential learning opportunities where students can connect what they are learning in classroom, in a real-world context.”

Pearl School, AlDafna Campus, arranged a field trip for the students of Grades IV and Von 9 February, 2023 (Thursday) during school hours. The students were taken to Baladna Park. All the students were excited to explore the park. They were awestruck by the different types of trees and mesmerised by the view of beautiful flowers in the gardens. Bumper boats on a man-made pond provided students with a relaxing and enjoyable view surrounded by green areas, shaded spots, and swimming ducks.

The children’s adventure park was a hit with the students because of all the fun things to do there, like the mini-rope obstacles and mini-zipline that were built out of natural timber constructions. The students also had fun on the brightly coloured children’s playground equipment, which included swings and slides.

In addition, biking in Baladna Park was such a unique and thrilling experience. Students climbed on the bikes with their buddies and pedalled their way through a magnificent, vast natural environment, with a splash of clean air and plenty of quality time. They also enjoyed visiting the petting zoo, where they could feed creatures such as lamas, zebras, ostriches, bunnies, turtles, and ponies.

Furthermore, students also toured the reptile cave, which is home to some of the most exotic iguanas, snakes, and frogs, and learned more about these animals.Also,

students experienced other activities such as mining and pottery. Finally, students relished the pizza and juice served to them by the staff of Baladna Park. They enjoyed themselves a lot and had a wonderful dayand returned to school with beautiful memories of the field trip to Baladna Park.