Title: Session on Basics of First Aid Management

Date: 23/4/2022

Drivers and Support Staff

Podar Pearl School, Auditorium.

10.00 am – 12.30 pm

Name of the Facilitator:
Dr. Nidha Ayoob from Asian Medical Centre, Wakrah.

Name of Organiser:
Podar Pearl School and Asian Medical Centre

To train the drivers and support staff to manage basic injuries in the bus

Free Medical Camp from Asian Medical Centre.
First Aid management is an integral part of handling emergencies. There was a need to give a basic training to the drivers and the support staff as our students are with them during bus travel.
Thus, a session was taken by Dr. Nidha Ayoob from Asian Medical Centre. She covered topics like CPR, unconsciousness, epistaxis, head injuries, and how to manage them.
She also gave a hands-on training on how to use the First Aid Box placed in the bus.
Asian Medical Centre also conducted a free medical camp as their CSR. All the drivers and support staff were assessed for their basic health parameters, vital signs, blood sugar and lipids.