The Science India Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting scientific research and education in Indian Schools in Qatar, recently held its annual GALA award function on 17th March 2023 to honour outstanding scientists, researchers, and institutions in the field of science and technology. The event took place  was attended by top scientists, academics, and policymakers from across the country.

The award function started with a welcome speech from the President of  Science India Forum, who highlighted the importance of scientific research and innovation in promoting economic growth and addressing societal challenges. He also emphasized the need for greater investment in science education and infrastructure to enable Indian students to compete with other countries in the global knowledge economy.

The guest speaker Dr.Archana Sharma (President Scientist at CERN Geneva), Mr. Sachin Sankhpal  First Secretary Indian Embassy, motivated the students  and avirtual message of appreciation from  Mr S.Somnathan ( Presdient in command of programmes at ISRO) encouraged the students.

Podar Pearl School team of Mr. Aryan Shah and  Priyanshu Kumar were felicitated for their scientific research and project and secured the Consolation Prize in senior  students research category.