A Faculty Orientation was conducted on 23rd October 2021 from 10:15 am till 12:00 noon for all new faculties who joined Pearl School of all campuses at the Al Meshaf Campus. Total of 14 teachers from all campuses attended the orientation program.

The faculty orientation was delivered by Dr. Rupali Jain, Quality Coordinator at Pearl School. The Orientation started with introduction of School, its Inception, values, and beliefs and discussed at depth the following School Policies:

1.  School Vision, mission & Values

2. Quality Policy

3. Teachers Evaluation Plan

4. Policy for Delegating Task

5. Communication Policy

6. Inter-School Collaboration Policy

7. Community Partnership Policy

8. Whatsapp Communication Policy

9. Child Protection & Health Policy

10. SMSC Policy


The session was concluded with an open discussion to questions & answers and tips were given on Classroom Management, Relationship Management on request from teachers. Overall it was a productive session for the teachers.

A feedback form was circulated in the form of Google survey and the survey results showed a positive feedback on presentation, content and expected information from the orientation program.