Pearl School Al Dafna celebrated Eid Al-Adha with a variety of vibrant and culturally enriching activities on Monday, June 10, 2024. The event was designed to foster a deeper understanding of the festival and to celebrate the rich traditions associated with it. The activities included in the celebration were Eid card making, an Eid bazaar, traditional food stalls, and a henna design competition.

Students engaged in a creative session where they crafted beautiful Eid cards to enhance their creativity and express their understanding and joy of the festival through art. An Eid bazaar was set up in the school activity hall to stimulate the festive atmosphere of Eid markets. Various stalls offered traditional Eid dishes prepared by the parents. This activity aimed to introduce students to the culinary traditions of Eid Al- Adha promoting an appreciation for different cultural cuisines. It also encouraged community participation and sharing.

A mehndi design competition was conducted where the students showcased their skills in applying intricate henna designs. It encouraged artistic expression, cultural appreciation, and a competitive spirit among the students. Parents and teachers actively participated in making traditional accessories and jewelery, which were exhibited in the bazaar. This fostered a collaborative environment where students, parents, and teachers worked together, enhancing creativity and teamwork. Additionally, the amount collected through these activities will be donated to Qatar Charity, teaching students the importance of charity and giving back to the

The Eid Al- Adha celebration in school was a resounding success. The activities not only provided an opportunity for students to engage in cultural and creative expressions but also fostered a sense of community and generosity.