On 20 May 2024, Class 2MC organized a Class Assembly on the theme of “Community Helpers” in the school auditorium.

The assembly started with the invocation to the Almighty, the Holy Quran Recitation and the School Prayer, announcement of School Vision, Mission Statements and School Values followed by the Thought of the Day setting a positive tone for the entire session. The assembly was graced by our Vice Principal Mr. Satheesh Babu, Academic Coordinator Ms. Pujabindu, Activity Coordinator Ms. Dipali Kadam, other teachers and students of class 2.

The cherry on top was the stage performance by the students of Class 2MC on the theme of the assembly, which was appreciated by all. Kudos to the performers for their outstanding contribution.

Program was ended with National Anthems and with the words of wisdom by Academic Coordinator Ms. Pujabindu.

The students of Class 2MC participated in the assembly wholeheartedly and with great enthusiasm.