An inter-class Tamil Competition was organized on October 30th, 2023, at Pearl School, Al Dafna Campus, Qatar for classes I and II (Mini Junior Category) and III and IV (Sub Junior Category). It was held in Villa A, Activity Hall, during class hours. These competitions made the students to showcase their talents and speaking skills. Their
presentation was impressive and fascinating. It boosts their confidence and provides them with an opportunity to express their opinions and ideas in a structured and organized manner. The Participants demonstrated their confidence, expressions and talent in the activity. It was thrilling to see the little Pearls performing with such spirit and eagerness.

Result: Grades I & II (Mini – Junior Category)

1P6080 Ahmed Farhan1 WBFirst
2P6875Harshaa Raghunathan1 WBSecond
3P7174Yatthvika Kodeeswaran1 WAThird
4P4577Harika Jayachandran Suganth2 WDFirst
5P4186Mohamed Faheem2 WDSecond
6P3671Rufaidah Mohammed Ansari2 WCThird

Result: Grades
III & IV (Sub Junior Category)

1P3030Josheena Clarin3 WBFirstAryabhatta
2P2981Janani Sivaguru3 WBSecondAryabhatta
3P3147Deekshitha Nagarajan3 WBThirdTagore
4P3015Kavenilavan . K3 WBThirdTagore
5P6684Tanika Sri Sridhar4 WEFirstEinstein
6P3206Amal Farah Mohamedansari4 WCSecondAryabhatta
7P2823Aarush Haarin Subash Lingam4 WCThirdEinstein
8P3217Adhrith Natraj4 WDThirdAryabhatta